HackensackUMC aims to create the 21st century patient experience with new app

February 22, 2016

About a year ago, Hackensack (N.J.) UniversityMedicalCenter began its journey to build an app that could offer its patients a 21st-century experience.

Those responsible for the app’s design spent a lot of time combing through and reviewing what health system-specific apps look like, how functional they are and which features they tend to have, before deciding on what would go into creation of what Jose Lozano, chief of staff and vice president for corporate services and governance of HackensackUMC calls the “go-to for everything healthcare.”

“We understand that the patient experience today is wanting everything at your fingertips, wanting it to be seamless” Mr. Lozano says. “That’s what we’ve worked hard to try to create, a tool that makes something very complicated [and turns it into something] easy and convenient.”

The free app, called Hackensack UMC Mobile Access, was launched in early February and is available for iOS operating systems.

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