Lesson in strength and determination at Bogota school event

March 10, 2016

Students in grades one through eight at St. Joseph Academy eagerly welcomed Rashad Jennings, a running back for the New York Giants, to their auditorium Feb. 19, to witness him deliver a presentation regarding Tackle Kids Cancer, a program that supports the Children’s Cancer Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC).

According to its website, the organization works through a partnership with the New York Giants, and consists of a team of clinicians and researcher who specialize in pediatric cancer. Tackle Kids Cancer states that every dollar raised benefits the essential clinical care and critical pediatric cancer research needed to find a cure.

Bogota resident Melissa Schnipp, who works as an accountant at HackensackUMC, addressed the audience and provided an overview of the program. She acknowledged Tackle Kids Cancer’s other partners in addition to the New York Giants that are a “part of the team,” including Modell’s Sporting Goods and The Record and North Jersey Media Group, among others.

“Do you know who else is a part of the team?” Schnipp asked the children.

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PHOTO: New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings talks to students during a presentation at St. Joseph Academy, Feb. 19. Photographed by Carl Su.