For Hackensack mayor, coincidences galore

March 20, 2016

HACKENSACK – In a striking coincidence, both daughters-in-law of Mayor John LaBrosse gave birth Friday at Hackensack University Medical Center – where LaBrosse has worked for more than a decade.

Also, both delivered sons, and each boy joins an older brother and sister. The expected due dates were scheduled for upcoming weeks, but the fact that the cousins share a birthday could mean they forge an even closer bond, LaBrosse said.

“For them to share a birthday like that, I think it’ll be great,” he said.

Kristy LaBrosse, who is married to the mayor’s son Justin, had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday in advance of a due date about two weeks away. Based on her blood pressure, the doctor decided to induce labor immediately. She delivered Shane Joseph at 4:30 a.m.

Tara LaBrosse, who is married to Christopher, had a cesarean section scheduled for Wednesday, but it was performed Friday afternoon, and son Andrew John was safely delivered.

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PHOTO: Both of Hackensack Mayor John LaBrosse’s daughters-in-law gave birth to sons Friday. The expanded LaBrosse family, from left, is Kristy, new mom; Justin, holding baby Shane; John, the mayor; Tara, new mom; Chris, holding baby Andrew; and Debbie LaBrosse, mayor’s wife. Photographed by Viorel Florescu.