Nurses affirm commitment to patients through home health care

April 28, 2016

It’s all eyes on home health ser-vices as the need for its specialized care grows. At the heart of the matter are nurses who practice in diverse capacities, from field nurses to executives with healthcare organizations.

Every Nurse is a Leader

“Home care nurses are special; they are in the trenches,” said Lauren Van Saders, DNP, GCNS-BC, APN, administrative director for post-acute services at Holy Name Medical Center. “Where the rubber meets the road is in the home.”

Home care and nursing are an excellent pairing. The nursing curriculum is decidedly holistic, addressing far more than the physical side of illness, said Dr. Van Saders, a registered nurse with advanced training in geriatrics and palliative care. Nurses are taught the assessment skills required to determine which actions are needed for the home care plan to succeed. Their carefully honed ability to lead is especially apparent in home nursing. In fact, nurses are charged with being the patient’s advocate. “All the training comes together in home care,” she said, and the department seeks out experienced nurses. Today’s home nurse is at the front line of quality care, and a registered nurse heads each Holy Name Home Care team, which can include a variety of healthcare professionals.

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