Train crash tests Hoboken University Medical Center’s readiness

September 30, 2016

The chief medical officer at Hoboken University Medical Center, Dr. Meika Roberson, got a text Thursday morning from her husband who was walking by a Hoboken, N.J. train station. A “big accident in Hoboken terminal” had just occurred, he said, and sent her a photo. Roberson, an emergency physician by trade, called the hospital’s head of security and reached out to ambulance staff to confirm, and then launched into the hospital’s disaster plan.

A commuter train moving at high speed crashed into a wall at the busy terminal at rush hour on Thursday morning, leaving behind a mess of tangled metal and debris. The crash killed one and injured more than 100 people. Patients were sent by ambulance, NJ transit bus or other non-emergency vehicles to various hospitals in the area, depending on the severity of the injuries. Most injuries consisted of bumps, bruises, lacerations, fractures and concussions, Roberson said. Few people were admitted to the surrounding hospitals.

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