Dietitians/Hackensack UMC help patients navigate the aisles of good health

October 17, 2016

“I am the shopper. I am the one accustomed to reading labels and screening ingredients,” a fast-talking Hester explains as she prepares to prowl the aisles at ShopRite in Hackensack.

“And when it turns up at the table – that’s when I pay attention,” a wry Paul chimes in.

Paul, 85, and Hester, 82, are sharp as tacks, despite their share of health issues. “Paul had a stroke a couple of months ago,” Hester says. “Which is very surprising for someone with his lipids. But somehow, your arteries just get clogged anyway.” Faced with that, Type 2 diabetes and reactive hypoglycemia, grocery shopping for Paul can be difficult. That’s where Hackensack University Medical Center and the staff dietitians at Inserra ShopRite come in.

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