Community Education Webinars

COVID-19 & Parkinson's: What You Need to Know

Watch Hooman Azmi, M.D., and Elana Clar, M.D., as they discuss COVID-19 and how it affects someone living with Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Appelbaum: Your Daughter's Journey Through Puberty

Watch Dr. Appelbaum share her expertise about your daughter’s journey through puberty

COVID-19 VACCINES: What You Need to Know, A Virtual Community Forum



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  1. Prediabetes - You Have The Power: Informative webinar featuring AnneMarie McDade, MS, RD, CDCES

  1. Thyroid 101: Michael Sullivan, M.D. discusses the latest signs, symptoms and treatment options for Thyroid disease.
  2. Jumpstart Into January: Christina D'Angelo, Registered Dietitian Description: Start the year off right with healthy, easy-to-make meals while you are on the go!
  3. Eyes Are Everything: Join Marina Glatman, M.D., as she discusses the different diseases that may affect your eyes and treatment options.
  4. Pain Relief for Head, Neck & Back Pain: Join Drs. Patrick Roth and Regina Krell as they discuss Pain Relief for Head, Neck and Back Pain
  5. Bladder Health: Laurie Kane, M.D., Urogynecologist, discusses ways to reduce the risk of infection, diagnosing incontinence issues and treatment options for women.

  1. Peripheral Artery Disease: Watch Dr. Salerno discuss the diagnosis, signs and symptoms of PAD.
  2. Understanding Heart Failure: Learn how to maximize your quality of life while living with heart failure.

  1. Life with MS: Striving for Maximal Independence: Florian Thomas, M.D. discusses striving for maximal independence and fulfillment while living with Multiple Sclerosis.
  2. COVID-19 & Parkinson's: What You Need to Know: Hooman Azmi, M.D., and Elana Clar, M.D., discuss COVID-19 and how it affects someone living with Parkinson's disease.
  3. How To Get a Better Night's Sleep: Join Adrian Pristas, M.D., corporate director of Sleep Medicine as he discusses how to get a better night's sleep.
  4. A Better Bedtime: Helping Kids of All Ages Sleep Better

  1.  A Better Bed Time: Helping Kids of All Ages Sleep Better From baby to teen, COVID-19’s quarantine has dramatically affected sleep patterns. At this parent and guardian forum, Chee Chun Tan, M.D., and Pakkay Ngai, M.D., pediatric sleep medicine specialists, of Hackensack Meridian Children’s Health explore what parents are experiencing, and how to get back to a normal night’s sleep.
  2. Your Daughter's Journey Through Puberty: Not sure how to explain to your daughter the changes in her body? Join pediatric and adolescent gynecologist Heather Appelbaum, M.D., from K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at Jersey Shore University Medical Center as she discusses what’s normal regarding body mechanics, sexuality, hormones and more.
  3. A Better Heart: Keeping Kids Eat & Live Better: A child’s diet and their lifestyle can have a long-term impact on their heart health. At this parent and guardian forum, Robert Tozzi, M.D., Chief of Pediatric Cardiology for Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center, will discuss heart healthy habits for all ages (baby to teen) and how to detect if something’s wrong.
  4. Cooking up a Storm with our Kids Holiday Style: Join our registered dietitian for healthy, kid-friendly holiday recipes with your child.
  5. Your Child's Brain: Reaching Every Major Milestone While COVID-19 has impacted human interaction and how children learn, kids are still undergoing extraordinary developmental changes. Aseel Al-Jadiri, M.D., will explore critical childhood developmental stages and how parents can support their child to reach every major milestone.

  1. Suffering from Arthritic Joint Pain? Explore Causes and How to Get Some Relief:  Orthopedic Surgeon Nader Bakhos, M.D., discusses the different types of arthritis, what can trigger flair ups, pain management and treatment options that are available in this informative webinar.

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