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Health Screenings You Should Never Skip

Your doctor is there for you when you’re sick, but it’s just as important to visit him or her when you’re well. During your annual wellness visit, ask your doctor which screenings you need. Screenings check for signs of disease before you have any symptoms. The earlier your doctor finds any problems, the easier they are to treat.

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Giving to Others Gives You Better Health

It’s the season of giving, so it isn’t uncommon for many of us to give back to others during this time of year. Whether you toss change in a collection bucket, give a toy to a child in need or make a large monetary donation, it turns out that being generous can be good for your health as well.

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Signs It’s Time for a Tonsillectomy

Your tonsils play a role in your immune system, however – for some – tonsils can seem to cause more harm than good. If you’re someone who frequently gets severe, painful sore throats, you may be wondering whether you should consider having surgery to remove your tonsils. This type of surgery is known as a tonsillectomy.

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The 4 Things That Define a Healthy Relationship

Ask your mom, and she might have one answer. Ask a friend, and he’ll have another answer. Ask a coworker, and yet again you might get a different response. There are always going to be varying opinions on what defines a healthy relationship, but many of them are just that…opinions. From a behavioral health viewpoint, research shows us that there are certain things that truly define a healthy relationship – whether that is a romantic relationship or a friendship. Here are four things that define a healthy relationship