Change Your Mind On Neurosurgery With These 8 FAQs

Did you know that August is recognized as Neurosurgery Awareness Month? The American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) dedicates this month as an observance of the significant role of neurosurgeons in providing care to patients with conditions of the brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system. But what exactly does this mean? After all, what is a neurosurgeon and when would someone need to potentially consider seeking care from one?


Busy Mind, Healthy Mind

Keeping your brain busy as you age may help ward off problems with memory and cognition. A recent study published in JAMA Neurology found that older adults who used computers or engaged in activities such as crafting or playing games had as much as a 30 percent lower risk for age-related cognitive problems.

Allergy, Neuroscience

Can Hay Fever Affect Your Brain?

If you sneeze your way through allergy season, here’s some food for thought: In a recent study on mice, scientists found an increase in the number of new neurons formed in the hippocampus during an allergic reaction.