Bring Your Floor Surfaces Back to Life

After a harsh winter, the floors in your facility need some TLC. Most of us have tight budgets and cannot afford to provide continuous refinishing with the risk of another storm and pounds of ice melt placed out to ruin your floor’s appearance once again. We try to maintain the super gloss, plush carpets and bright grout lines on our floor surfaces during these months, but it is not always possible, so we wait for the warmer weather. Spring tells us it’s time to give these surfaces a nice fresh look without the worry of inclement weather rolling through. We refinish, perform honing or extract to enhance our appearance for the spring and summer seasons ahead. Here are some tips to help you get your floors in top shape.
  1. Utilize Entrance Mats
  2. Carpet Extraction
    • Place out wet floor signs.
    • Vacuum area to be extracted. This procedure is often neglected, but is the most important step in keeping a carpet clean.
    • Fill pump sprayer with 32oz of GTC® Carpet/Fabric Stain and Spot Remover and 2 gallons of water.
    • Pre-Spray area to be cleaned to loosen up soil before extraction.
    • Fill solution tank with properly diluted GTC® Carpet & Extraction Detergent.
    • Move drag tool away from machine to the full length of the hose. Keep machine behind you.
    • Pull drag tool backwards as you dispense solution onto carpet. Overlap each pass.
    • Re-position machine as necessary and repeat procedure.
    • Rinsing:
      • Fill water tank with clean water.
      • Move drag tool backward while injecting water into carpet.
      • Apply carpet fan to area for drying if needed.
  3. Floor Stripping and Refinishing
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