Inspecting Areas For Cleanliness  

This month I am not going to discuss a cleaning tip, but rather a tip on inspecting your staffs cleaning performance. If you want quality, it requires evaluation.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I go into any establishment, I find myself looking at everything from vents, to windows to the corners and edges of a floor. It's just something in our business that we do. I train my staff using the 7 step cleaning process, but I also inspect an area in the same way.

TIP: When you train your supervisory staff, have them look at an area in the same manner they would clean . From top to bottom.

If they walk into a room or an area, they should be checking:

  1. The vents and ceilings have been dusted.
  2. The televisions, picture frames, chair rails, whiteboards, thermostats, and dispensers are dusted and clean.
  3. Is there tape, nails or tacks on the walls that should be removed?
  4. The blinds, drapes or shades clean and presented neatly.
  5. The furniture dusted, cleaned and polished.
  6. The sinks, mirrors and commodes are clean and in proper working order.
  7. The floors are swept / mopped / vacuumed and free of any unwanted materials or equipment.

Note: All EVS departments should utilize Quality Assurance check lists. These inspections help identify areas that need corrective action and help you as a manager rectify the problem before receiving a complaint.

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