Maintaining Lobby Floors During Winter Months

First impressions count. That’s why it’s so important to always keep your facility looking great, especially in the winter months.

Looking back to when I was an Environmental Services Director, the winter months were always the toughest on our floors. Between the ice melt, snow, dirty water and debris being tracked in and of course staff shortages, it seemed like an impossible task to keep floors in top shape. Not too much has changed over the years as far as the elements or even my process for keeping the floors clean. I still have staff follow these easy steps to maintain the floors’ beautiful appearance.

Maintain Entrance Mats

  •  Make sure entrance mats are vacuumed and in good condition - a neglected mat could help transport dirt into your facility.

Dust Mopping

  • Dust mopping / dry vacuuming is the most important procedure in the daily maintenance of hard floors. Debris and dust must be removed before wet mopping or auto scrubbing your floor.

Cleaning the Floor

  • Wet mop or auto scrub your floor utilizing GTC® pH Neutral Floor Cleaner or GTC® Winter Wash Neutral Floor Cleaner. I recommend using the automatic scrubber since it covers much more area in less time, it vacuums up water which reduces residue that could cause slips or falls and it cleans and removes soil better than basic mopping procedures.

Burnish the Floor

  • Burnish your floor with a high speed floor machine to generate heat and friction. This results in a smooth, scratch free surface that resists soil and scuff marks and brings back the beautiful shine.


  • Make sure to use cold water when diluting GTC® pH Neutral Floor Cleaner, warm water can eat away at floor finish.
  • Try to utilize cordless autoscrubbers, 10-20% of labor time is spent plugging and unplugging auto scrubbers with cords. 
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