Hackensack Meridian Health Partners

Hackensack Meridian Health Partners is Hackensack Meridian Health’s clinically integrated network of health care providers who share the common goals of improving health outcomes, reducing health care costs, and enhancing the patient experience. A physician-led network, Hackensack Meridian Health Partners is mainly comprised of independent physicians that enables physicians to coordinate care, shape and influence clinical practice, and prepare for new, incentive-based compensation programs. Hackensack Meridian Health established Hackensack Meridian Health Partners as a way to partner with our affiliated physicians in order to improve hospital quality and ultimately generate value – better quality at lower cost – for patients, their families and employers.

Navigating the Health Care Landscape

Navigating the challenges of an ever changing health care landscape requires a trusted partner. We believe Hackensack Meridian Health Partners is the future for collaboration with the medical community and health insurers.

Questions? Contact:

Amy Gallagher
Phone 732-765-6335
Email Amy Gallagher

Kerry Kenna
Phone 732-765-6336
Email Kerry Kenna

Richard Morris
Phone 848-888-4693
Email Richard Morris

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