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Uncommon Warning Signs of Heart Disease

While chest pain is one of the most common symptoms of heart disease, there are less common symptoms you should be aware of. Our expert shares symptoms to look out for.

Top Fruits and Veggies for a Healthy Heart

 Jason Sayanlar, M.D., FACC, a cardiologist at Hackensack University Medical Center, lettuce know the top fruits and veggies for heart health.

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

About one-third of Americans – 102 million people aged 20 or older – have higher-than-normal cholesterol levels. Almost 10 percent (35 million) have total cholesterol levels that are 240 mg/dL or higher, which puts them at greater risk of developing heart disease.

Is It a Heart Attack or Just Heartburn?

You’ve just polished off a large beef and cheese burrito and suddenly it hits: a burning sensation, right around your chest and your neck. It’s heartburn, right?

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