How many calories are in your favorite boardwalk foods?   
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How many calories are in your favorite boardwalk foods?

July 23, 2018

By Jennifer Netzband

Summer in New Jersey means taking in some sun, walking the boards and digging into your favorite foods. It’s no secret that those delicious boardwalk treats are loaded with calories and sugar, but the amount of calories hiding in those summer snacks may be surprising.

Calorie Busters

Funnel Cake 

“Funnel cake is one of the top calorie busters,” says Talia Philippsborn, RDN at Hackensack Meridian Health Riverview Medical Center. “One funnel cake can pack 700 calories or more, and that calorie count can climb up to 1,000 calories if you add toppings.”


A simple slice of pizza can ruin your day’s calorie count too. A typical boardwalk slice can be the size of three normal sized slices.


If you’re looking to wash down that pizza with a lemonade or a slushie beware. A large lemonade can hold close to 1,000 calories or about half the average calories a person should consume in a day. In fact, a large lemonade or slushie can hold more sugar than an entire liter of soda.

Have Your (funnel) Cake and Eat It Too

“If you fill up on the boardwalk, you could easily consume a day’s worth of calories or even more,” says Philippsborn. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some boardwalk options that will satisfy your cravings without destroying your diet.

Chocolate covered strawberries or fruit

Snow Cones (instead of ice cream)

2-3 pieces of Salt Water Taffy

“When you’re here, you’re here to have fun and treat yourself, whether it’s a family vacation or a day at the beach” says Marilyn Schlossback, the Executive Chef and Owner of The Marilyn Schlossbach Group which includes several eateries along the Asbury Park boardwalk including Langosta Lounge, Pop’s Garage and Asbury Park Yacht Club. When summer comfort food is calling your name, “the best options are those rich nutrients, protein and good fat, comprising natural, additive free ingredients.”

“And you can always enjoy your boardwalk favorites, but think about sharing the snacks with your friends or family,” adds Philippsborn. By sharing some of the boardwalk’s calorie busters, you’re also sharing the calories and not damaging your diet too much.

For more healthy recipes, visit our nutrition page.


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