A New Way to Help Manage Your Loved One’s Health   
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A New Way to Help Manage Your Loved One’s Health

September 01, 2018

Do you provide care to a loved one at home? Or perhaps you are the recipient of care? Wouldn’t life be better if you had ‘someone’ to help you better care for your loved ones, or to manage your own health from the comfort of your own home. Well, fortunately, with new technology, that ‘someone’ is not far away.

Meet Pillo, an in-home health care companion specifically designed to help individuals better manage their health while connecting them with family members, physicians and other care team members. Pillo was developed to help others in the fast-growing world of digital health, where the newest information and communication technologies are being used to improve care where patients need it most – inside of their own homes.

“From day one, based upon my own experience with my father, our idea was to build a ‘someone’ that could be inside the home, 24/7, to enable the delivery of proactive and personalized care, especially for the chronically ill,” said Emanuel Musini, co-founder and CEO of Pillo Health.

Pillo leverages voice-first technology, facial recognition and artificial intelligence to proactively engage with patients inside of their homes. The HIPAA-compliant device, which some call a ‘robot,’ will wake up on its own to notify patients that it's time to take their medicine, and if a patient has questions about their medication, Pillo can provide the answer. Pillo also makes it easier to manage one’s recovery or chronic illness with its interactive screen, instructions, educational videos and engaging content.

Unlike many of the outdated pill dispensers on the market today, Pillo dispenses medications using a proprietary and patented medication delivery system. A medication tray that’s easily loaded into the back of the Pillo device can be filled by the patient or caregiver, much like a pill box is filled with weekly or monthly medications.

Pillo Health (based in Boston, MA) has spent years developing the world’s very first artificially intelligent health care companion for the home. And now, in partnership with Hackensack Meridien Health, the company is in the final stages of bringing this revolutionary product to market.

Pillo can also alert caregivers and clinicians to potential problems inside of the home, for example if someone does not take their medication for a prolonged period of time. This allows the care team to remotely monitor a patient’s progress, and to seamlessly reach out via Pillo chat or a Pillo enabled video calling if required. Pillo is the ultimate extension of a patient’s care team inside of the home -- to support individuals as they seek to live healthier and more independent lives.

Pillo will be available at the end of 2018. If you would like to be one of the first to own a Pillo device, please fill out the below form with your contact information. You’ll be kept up to date with release announcements AND, if you sign up before October 31, you’ll receive an exclusive 20% discount from the full $499 retail price. This offer can be shared with friends and family.

For additional information about Pillo, visit www.pillohealth.com.


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