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Nursing Residencies and Fellowships

Program Details


New Graduate Nurse – Adult Nursing Orientation Unit

To facilitate the challenging and rewarding journey and requirements to excel as a new graduate nurse, Hackensack University Medical Center has created a dedicated adult nursing orientation unit. Our goal is to develop professionalism and independence among our nurses as well as reinforce our commitment to educate and retain our high quality nursing staff.

New graduate nurses spend 90 days on the dedicated unit and are guided through their orientation period by their assigned preceptor. A medical/surgical nurse specialist will also be available on the unit to assist both the preceptor and the graduate nurse. The medical/surgical nurse specialist, in collaboration with the nurse manager, education specialist and preceptor, evaluates the strengths of each new graduate so they are guided into a clinical area where they can grow professionally as a Hackensack University Medical Center nurse.


Operating Room (OR) Nurse Residency Program

Hackensack University Medical Center offers a hands-on Operating Room (OR) Residency Program. This program is for both the inexperienced and experienced registered nurse who is interested in becoming an operating room nurse. Perioperative nursing is defined as preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative patient care and is considered a specialty area.

The program will include:

  • Lectures/classroom training
  • Hands-on experience
  • Instrumentation
  • Documentation
  • Scrubbing and Circulating

Adult Critical Care (ICU & ETC) Nurse Residency Program

Candidates for the critical care nurse residency program are newly-graduated or inexperienced BSN nurses who desire to work within the adult ICU and Emergency & Trauma Center (ETC) settings at Hackensack University Medical Center. This year-long immersion experience is specifically designed to provide the novice nurse with the skillset required to function independently in the ICU or ETC.

The first six months are a blend of didactic and clinical orientation on the unit. Residents are paired with nurse fellows, who are experienced preceptors that have received additional training. During the second six months, nurse residents take part in seminars that focus on topics related to the specialty. Ongoing support is offered throughout the program and beyond.

The nurse residency consists of two phases for program completion:

1. The first phase, orientation, occurs over the first 6 months and consists of the general hospital orientation, nursing orientation, and clinical unit orientation in conjunction with the completion of the critical care curriculum. For RNs hired for the ICU setting the critical care curriculum consists of the stepdown unit module (dysrhythmia education) and intensive care module. For RNs hired for the ETC setting, in addition to the completion of the stepdown unit module and the intensive care module, RNs complete the triage and trauma courses. During clinical unit orientation, RNs are assigned a dedicated nurse fellow for clinical unit orientation. The progression and objectives of the clinical unit orientation correspond with critical care curriculum and focus on professional development from the novice to competent level. Phase 1 (orientation) is completed after the first 6 months, and RNs progress to Phase 2 (continuing education and mentoring).

2. During Phase 2, RNs are taken off orientation and function independently on the clinical unit with ongoing education sessions and an identified clinical unit mentor.


Blood & Marrow Transplant RN Fellowship

To facilitate the challenging and rewarding journey and requirements to excel as a specialty nurse, the Blood & Marrow Transplant (BMT) Units have created a BMT RN Fellowship.

The BMT RN Fellowship is a 12-month training program designed to prepare:

  • New nursing graduates
  • Nurses who have no prior or limited work experience in a stem cell transplant setting and who have successfully met job standards during their probationary period.

The program is tailored to meet each individual’s specific training needs with focus on the clinical and classroom settings. The fellowship is offered twice a year and applications for a position in the fellowship are accepted online through the standard employment process by applying for RN positions on 8 Pavilion East/Stem Cell or 8 Pavilion West Oncology.

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