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Program Details


Our core didactic curriculum covers all major topics in child and adolescent psychiatry and incorporates gender, racial, and cultural perspectives.

We hold a child and adolescent psychiatry crash course in July and August for our first year fellows that includes topics such as emergency assessment, de-escalation, and psychopharmacology; psychiatric assessment of infants through adolescence; working in systems of care (pediatric medicine, neurology, school, family, legal, and more); fellows as teachers; and compassion fatigue/wellness resources.

Educational Conferences

During the two-year fellowship, fellows will actively participate in a variety of conferences. The goal of these conferences is to:

  • Improve critical thinking
  • Improve understanding and interpretation of the literature
  • Improve the management of patients with complex conditions and diseases
  • Improve the understanding of ethical principles in the care for children

Major educational conferences are listed below:

Conference Frequency
Psychiatry Grand Rounds Weekly
Journal Club Monthly
Psychiatry Symposia Quarterly
Quality/Morbidity & Mortality Conference Quarterly
Hackensack Meridian Health Research Day at Jersey Shore University Medical Center Yearly
Interdisciplinary team meetings Varies
Coursework toward advanced degree Optional; time commitment varies

In addition to conferences/events listed above, fellows also have the following as part of their didactic curriculum and training:

  • Research and Biostatistics
    • Will participate in scholarly project
    • Obtain IRB approval
  • Quality Improvement
  • Reflection Rounds
    • Co-facilitated (chaplain and physician) small groups
    • Goal to integrate meaning, purpose, and connectedness in medicine and medical education

Clinical Rotations

Year 1

4 Months Jefferson Cherry Hill 4 Months JSUMC 4 Months JSUMC
Child & Adolescent Inpatient Unit Therapeutic Nursery and Children’s Day Program, and Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative Pediatric EPS*, Pediatric C/L* Service
Continuity Care and Outpatient Psychiatry (10%) (OMC)

*EPS = Psychiatric Emergency Service

*C/L = Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

Year 2 4 Months JSUMC 4 Months JSUMC 4 Months JSUMC/OUMC
Bridge Clinic, Adolescent Addiction, Sleep Medicine, Developmental Disabilities, Neurology, Continuity Clinic Continuity Clinic, Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative, Acting Attending, Elective Forensic Psychiatry, Continuity Clinic, Research, Early Childhood Clinic, Therapeutic Nursery

Continuity Care and Outpatient Psychiatry (30%) (OMC)

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