Patient Journeys

New Jersey Pediatric Surgeons Think Outside the Box to Avoid Colostomy for 13-year-old

While 13-year-old Niam was vacationing in New York, doctors found a cyst fused to his intestinal wall. Innovative surgery allowed him to return home healthy.

Ali Alsaidi
Doctors Find Rare Cause of Kidney Stones in Infant

When doctors found kidney stones in then-8-month-old Ali Alsaidi, they discovered that a rare cause was behind it.

Grace Doherty
Broken Shoulder Doesn’t Break Stride for Marlboro, New Jersey, Girl

After a fall from horseback and badly broken shoulder, Grace Doherty benefits from a minimally invasive approach.

Kayce Ketchow
Red Bank Doctor Successfully Removes Gallbladders of Sisters Months Apart

A quarter century after her own gallbladder removal, Kayce Ketchow learned that two of her daughters would need the same surgery.

Crystal Chiluiza
Scoliosis Surgery Frees Teen From a Life of Pain

Scoliosis surgery saves a teen girl from a life of pain.

Jordan Vasquez
Paterson, New Jersey, Boy Bounces Back After Living-Donor Transplant

When 12-year-old Jordan Vasquez needed a kidney transplant, his dad wasn’t a match, but his half-sister’s grandmother proved to be a willing donor.

Doctors Remove Ovarian Cyst in Girl Experiencing Unusual Symptoms

15-year-old Emma Topp’s doctors were concerned her high blood pressure was the result of a heart problem. Imaging revealed a football-sized ovarian cyst.

Dominic Lipka
Teenager’s Harrowing Health Crisis Ends Happily with New Kidney

A kidney transplant saved 16-year-old Dominic Lipka’s life. Now, he’s living it to the fullest playing video games and hanging out with his friends.

Rodger Ward
Surgery Saves Young, Metuchen, NJ, Athlete's Promising Future

For Rodger Ward, orthopedic surgery at K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital prevents a possible permanent disability.

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