Psychiatric Inpatient Acute Care

Carrier Clinic®’s Psychiatric Acute Care Unit (ACU), which accepts both voluntary and involuntary patients, specializes in the bio-psycho-social treatment and stabilization of people with acute psychiatric conditions within a healing and supportive environment.

Our comprehensive individualized treatment methods that include supportive counseling and education for the patient and family are designed to provide the therapeutic coping skills needed to transition patients to the most appropriate level of care, from long-term hospitalization to their reintegration into the community. What’s more, a variety of specialized groups is offered by our multi-disciplinary team such as creative arts, art therapy, music therapy, dual diagnosis, spirituality, medication education, grief and loss, and stress and anger management.

Unique mini-environments like our calming Serenity Lounge and Quiet Area help decrease patients’ exposure to a high degree of stimulation. And, our safe, highly-structured setting is maintained by our staff-to-patient ratio and ongoing individual assessments. The goal is to ensure an individualized approach to every patient’s safety at all times.

Carrier Clinic®’s patient observation level system affords 24-7 supervision/observation of patients exhibiting high-risk behaviors like suicidal ideation and assaultiveness. ACU staff and Crisis Intervention Specialists specifically trained in the early detection of escalating tension utilize therapeutic intervention skills to prevent crisis situations from occurring.

Crisis Hotlines

Essex County

Mountainside Medical Center

Hudson County

Palisades Medical Center

Middlesex County

Old Bridge Medical Center

Raritan Bay Medical Center

Monmouth County

Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Riverview Medical Center

Ocean County

Ocean University Medical Center

Southern Ocean Medical Center
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