Hackensack University Medical Center Stands Out as Mitral Valve Repair Center with More Than 50 Cases Annually

From Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation to Mitral Valve Repair Reference Center Award, Center Leads in Mitral Valve Care

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Cardiovascular experts at Hackensack University Medical Center are widely recognized for applying advanced methods to treat mitral valve disease.

The cardiovascular team rapidly embraced the newly introduced Tendyne Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation (TMVI) system, which treats significant mitral regurgitation (MR) in patients requiring a heart valve replacement. The system provides a safe, effective solution for MR patients who are not candidates for open-heart surgery or transcatheter mitral valve repair. Hackensack University Medical Center’s team performed Northern New Jersey’s first Tendyne TMVI procedure, as well as the third in New Jersey.

The Tendyne valve provides relief from heart failure symptoms and produces quality-of-life improvement in high-surgical-risk patients. In clinical situations when the mitral valve is too damaged for a successful repair with a MitraClip device, the Tendyne system offers an alternative minimally invasive treatment option when the leaky valve needs to be replaced. Global trial results to date have demonstrated excellent procedural safety and have shown 98.9% of Tendyne patients experienced MR elimination at discharge which was sustained through one year in this very sick patient group.

The Tendyne valve is available in multiple sizes to treat a broad range of valve anatomies. The valve is fully repositionable and retrievable during implantation, allowing for the best possible outcome for people suffering from MR and needing a valve replacement.

While clinical guidelines recommend mitral valve repair over replacement, too many patients who would benefit from repair receive replacement valves, with higher rates of death or complications within five years following surgery. Numerous large-scale clinical outcomes studies show a strong correlation between the number of cases performed by experienced mitral valve surgeons and the resultant clinical outcomes. Hackensack University Medical Center is nationally recognized for its expertise and successful outcomes in mitral valve repair.

In collaboration with the American Heart Association, the Mitral Valve Foundation recently recognized Hackensack University Medical Center with the Mitral Valve Repair Reference Center Award. This honor recognizes centers in the United States which have a demonstrated record of superior clinical outcomes in degenerative mitral valve repair resulting from evidence-based guideline treatment. The Mitral Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, including surgeons, cardiologists and imagers from around the country, developed the criteria applied in the evaluation of candidate centers.

The Mitral Foundation and the American Heart Association created the recognition program to identify, award and promote the nation’s best medical centers for mitral valve repair surgery, and provide patients and physicians a way to differentiate hospitals and surgeons who have mastered complex mitral valve reconstruction and have consistently delivered high-quality outcomes. The recognition program references volume, resource and clinical performance measures to award experienced hospitals and surgeons.

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