Hackensack University Medical Center Receives Mitral Valve Repair Reference Center Award

Center’s successful outcomes recognized by American Heart Association and Mitral Valve Foundation distinction

Mitral Valve Repair

In collaboration with the American Heart Association, the Mitral Foundation recently recognized Hackensack Meridian Hackensack University Medical Center for the second year with the Mitral Valve Repair Reference Center Award in 2022. This honor recognizes the elite centers in the United States that demonstrate a record of superior clinical outcomes in degenerative mitral valve repair resulting from evidence-based guideline treatment.

Cardiovascular experts at Hackensack University Medical Center are nationally recognized for applying advanced methods and best practices to treat mitral valve disease with successful outcomes. Hackensack University Medical Center performs a high volume of mitral valve surgeries, among the top 10% in the U.S. The center’s surgeons opt to perform mitral valve repair over replacement 95% of the time. In nearly every case, isolated mitral valve procedures are performed minimally invasively.

The recommended treatment for degenerative mitral valve disease is mitral valve reconstruction, as opposed to valve replacement with a bioprosthetic or mechanical valve since valve repair is associated with improved survival and fewer long-term complications. Yet, too many patients who would benefit from repair receive replacement valves, with higher rates of death or complications within five years following surgery. Numerous large-scale clinical outcomes studies show a strong correlation between the number of cases performed by experienced mitral valve surgeons and the resultant clinical outcomes.

“Mitral valve disease and its complications affect too many patients each year,” explained Mark Anderson, M.D., MHA, FACS, chair of the Department of Cardiac Surgery and a cardiothoracic surgeon at the Heart and Vascular Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center and Mitral Foundation referred mitral valve surgeon. “Having a valve repaired at a center of excellence before symptoms worsen is a smart decision for many patients and can increase life expectancy.”

The Mitral Foundation and the American Heart Association created the recognition program to identify, award and promote the nation’s best medical centers for mitral valve repair surgery, and provide patients and physicians a way to differentiate hospitals and surgeons who have mastered complex mitral valve reconstruction and have consistently delivered high-quality outcomes. The recognition program references volume, resource and clinical performance measures to award experienced hospitals and surgeons.

Learn more about innovative heart and vascular care at Hackensack University Medical Center.

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