Leading-edge single-port technique allows for performance of most complex surgeries through a one-inch incision.

Hackensack University Medical Center Documents Significant Benefits At One Year Mark

In November of 2018, Hackensack University Medical Center was among the first hospitals in the world to adopt use of the da Vinci single-port system to perform complex urological procedures. In that time, the benefits of the system have proven to be extraordinary.

Urologic Cancer Care 

The single-port robotic system enables the most minimally invasive surgery available by introducing three multi-jointed, wristed surgical instruments, a steerable 3D high-definition camera and an assistant accessory port into the patient abdomen through one small incision. The single arm allows 360-degree multi-quadrant access. This design provides access through limited surgical fields and permits new and different surgical routes that have not been feasible before.

In the past year, Hackensack University Medical Center has completed nearly 200 single port surgeries, one of the largest series worldwide. Results have been encouraging and suggest a decrease in length-of-stay and pain medication requirements.

Key advantages to single port robotic surgery include the ability to access difficult to reach areas of the body with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues, allowing a potential reduced risk of complications, shorter recovery time, and overall improved outcomes and cosmetic results for the patient.

Through national and international presentations and peer reviewed papers, the Hackensack University Medical Center team has shared these findings:

  • Robotic Upper Urinary Tract Reconstruction, Translational Andrology and Urology, 2019
  • Single-port compared to multi-port robot-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomies and urinary tract reconstruction surgeries, Journal of Endourology, 2019

National and international presentations on single port include:

  • Post Graduate Course – Single Port Surgery; American Urologic Association Chicago 2019
  • Plenary Session – Single Port Ureteral Surgery, World Congress Endourology Abu Dabi 2019
  • Lecture/Debate: Single vs. Multiport Surgery. North American Robotic Urologic Association, Las Vegas 2020
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