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Healing Through Food

When Amanda Rae Negro’s grandfather Raymond Murray was admitted to Bayshore Medical Center with a broken hip following a fall on January 4, 2019, the two-week stay that followed was anything but predictable. Fortunately, he and his family were warmly cared for, with one team member in particular going above and beyond to make the experience more palatable.

Surgery to repair Raymond’s hip was postponed because of pulmonary complications, but after a few days of observation, he was cleared for the operation. Once successfully out of surgery and off a ventilator, Raymond, 88, was prescribed a liquid diet.

Ted Zinn, Bayshore’s Food and Nutrition director, immediately came to Raymond’s aid, Amanda says. “Ted was incredible. As soon as he heard my Pop was hungry and thirsty and was having trouble swallowing, he rushed into action and brought up a whole parade of special drinks and treats for him to try, and he loved it. For my Pop, who was just a food-loving kind of guy, that was extremely important for him,” Amanda says.

Ted says he wanted to care for Raymond and his whole family.

“He was on thickened liquids, so I brought him something to eat and drink right away,” Ted says. “After he was downgraded from the ICU, I started to get to know the family, and I would check on them as often as I could—the little things, like making sure they had enough to eat and drink as well.”

Unfortunately, Raymond’s health took a turn, and he was taken home to be on hospice after suffering a suspected stroke. He passed away on January 18, 2019.

Ted and the Bayshore team continued to think about Raymond and his family. “When I heard he had passed away, I went to the wake to see the family and give my condolences. What little I could do, I did do,” Ted says.

This gesture meant the world to Amanda and her family. “To have people that really care—to treat your loved one like their own—is really special,” Amanda says. “We had never experienced that at other hospitals, and it truly made the experience so much better.”

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