Make 2019 Yours

December 14, 2018 — By Health Ambassador Noelle McNeil

“Another year is coming to a close. How will you make this year stand out? Be kinder, more joyful and make this year yours.”

The holiday season is here and we have to make every effort to be joyful in the wake of this time of year. It is hard to believe but it truly does feel as though it goes faster year after year. I have to tell myself that I am good enough, and that we all deserve to enjoy this festive time of year. It is time to get gifts for family members and celebrate the changes that we see in the children year after year. Now that I am older you truly see that the season is really about the children. I am fortunate that I see my niece and nephew quite often but the other family children I only see on an annual basis. The grandparents get to see the changes in the children as they grow up. Many things will come to light this year and I am still trying to find a place to live of my own. This is a bit of a challenge given the expense of the area in which I live. Regardless of where I am I will always have my state of mind. We have to take our state of mind with us and remember to enjoy who we are and the things that we share with people.

I challenge everyone to realize the good that they bring to the world. Every one of us has talents and gifts that we bring to the world. I know that my biggest challenge is for me to speak positively and kindly to myself. Being critical and speaking negatively about oneself is easy and tempting, but I need to make it my largest ambition to not do so. We have the power to make ourselves whatever we dream of. Following an injury my life is certainly very changed from the easy path that I was on, yet there are so many others like me. Every survivor that I meet is living a life different from what they would have envisioned, but we are still here and we have to remember that we are important and that we can inspire others. We need to celebrate the fortunate aspects of our lives. There is always so much to be thankful for. Children model their behavior based on how the adults in their lives conduct themselves. Every one of us has to know that the children are watching and we have to know that we are influencing how they live their lives. I actually enjoy the responsibility and will work as hard as possible to always shine a light of positivity towards the children. I have struggled with depression since my injury but this year I am going to make sure that it doesn’t negatively affect my holiday season. We are each capable and strong and we have to not allow the “ants” or automatic negative thoughts to take away from how we engage with people. At the end of the day we control our own lives. Try not to be a passenger, drive and steer your own being.

Thank you so much for reading!