Obstacles Don’t Have to Stop You

November 9, 2018 — By Health Ambassador Noelle McNeil

“If you run into a wall, you don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and many of us are nervous about the family get-togethers that are frequent at this time of year. I think that we all need to focus on making ourselves as secure as we can be. We are each dealing with our own obstacles. It is so important that we do not let those obstacles stop us. Challenges must be taken in stride. I would encourage all to step away from their challenges and try and be thankful for what you do have. Everyone can find something to be grateful for. We have to work on our state of mind so that we can focus all of our energy on being positive. Often times when I find myself longing for more, I will come across some sort of an affirmation on just how fortunate I am.

Perhaps we can each try to focus on others this holiday season. This Thanksgiving I am going to reflect upon how fortunate I am to have my family near me. We all live relatively close to each other and we are all getting the opportunity to watch the children of the family grow into their personalities and who they are going to be. I don’t have children of my own but I love to get the chance to watch my brothers kids grow into little people.

I see my brother’s heart swell with pride and joy when one of his kids acts particularly kindly to another. My nephew stood up for another child who was being bullied in his school. The bully hit my nephew. My sister in law was told by the school what had happened. She was so proud of her son for what he did. Kids don’t have it easy and I was so proud of him for standing up for what’s right. He is still very young but he has a great sense of values. My brother and sister in law were glowing with pride at this occurrence. I will be especially thankful for the way that my nephew behaved on this day.

I thank you all for reading and hope that you can be truly be thankful for all that you have on this Thanksgiving! I thank you so much for reading.

~ Noelle