Never Doubt That YOU are Enough

November 28, 2018 — By Health Ambassador Noelle McNeil

“Never doubt. Each one of us has to know that the things that we do are enough.” – Kamaldeep Singh

Daily we all go through struggles always wanting more for ourselves and often feeling that our contribution to the world is not sufficient. I think that we need to step aside from our daily struggles and realize that the only person that we need to prove ourselves to is us. I have to tell myself this often. People put pressure on themselves and often feel that they are inadequate. At the end of the day each one of us has to know that we are doing the best that we are capable of right now. I tell myself everyday not to put myself in the same category as everyone else. I am not “everyone else” and the hand that I was dealt is different from everybody else. Every one of us has our own unique strengths we just have to keep working until we find a purpose. Perhaps we are living our purpose and our place in the world is not in the role that we envisioned.

It is often difficult but we must try not to compare to other people. I try and network with others to hear the ways in which they are contributing. It is imperative that people identify rather than compare with the lives of other people. It is always tempting to try and compare salaries with others of your generation but it is crucial that each individual takes into account the fundamental differences that we have all had in our own life’s journey. We cannot allow ourselves to feel insignificant or as if we do not have a purpose. Each one of us is doing our best to contribute to society. As the holiday season is upon us, many holiday shows are available for us to see. In the wake of my accident, I am not able to be an acrobatic member of a cast for a holiday show. I have to know my value; my ability is to provide comforting support to an individual that has been injured. Each one of us has a different gift that we bring to the table. We need to be open to the opportunities that present themselves to us. Surely there will be times that we compare and pass judgement on ourselves yet it is important that we recognize them as fleeting thoughts and that we are enough in how we conduct our lives. It is my hope that we all know that we are exactly where we are in life for a reason, and we each have gifts that we are able to share. Always remember that it takes a variety of people performing different tasks to make the world go round. I thank you very much for reading and welcome any responses that you may have.