Sharing Blessings and Gratitude

October 18, 2018 — By Health Ambassador Noelle McNeil

“The time is now to wake up, appreciate your surroundings and celebrate the subtle gifts in life.”
– Unknown
Today is Halloween and I choose to celebrate the good weather and happy children that will be all around this afternoon! We should all put a smile on our faces and hand out candy to the many trick or treaters that we will encounter later today once school gets out. I am going to get myself to the gym after I finish working. I can recall there have been many Halloweens where we had inclement weather but thankfully this year is not one of them. I know many people with children including my own niece and nephew that will get dressed up and parade around neighborhoods asking for candy. Social media has many parents posting their children in costumes for their friends to see.
Halloween means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching and thus another year coming to an end. The temperature today is beautiful, but inevitably it will begin to get colder. I will continue to take part in social activities and begin going to watch Rutger’s basketball as I do every year. Before we know it, Christmas will be here and another year will come to a close. There will be numerous celebrations where families will get together and everyone will observe as the children are another year older. At this time of year it is my prayer that everyone who has sustained an injury can step away from his/her own issues and take part in the joyous celebrations around them. My brother’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, while his children like all children will be awaiting Christmas! My support groups that I am a member of share experiences and things that present challenges to each one of us that has sustained a brain injury. It is very important to remember that while we may feel overwhelmed in whatever is troubling us, holidays should be about the joy to those around us. I am choosing to celebrate good parts of each holiday and truly trying to celebrate the joy that each holiday represents. I would love to hear what any of you are doing to celebrate the holidays. Who will pass out candy to trick or treaters on Halloween? We need to realize that we need to be joyous to celebrate the holidays with our families. Every Halloween I remind myself and others that we do not need to disguise who we are. Halloween is about kids and fun it is important not to internalize the costumes too much. Step away from your own internal issues and celebrate the joy of the costumes and the candy! I thank you very much for reading and I would encourage any responses that you may have!
– Noelle