The Power is in Your Hands

October 17, 2018 — By Health Ambassador Noelle McNeil

“The power to create a better future is contained in the present moment.” 
– Eckhart Tolle


A friend of mine opened my eyes to the incredible teachings of Eckhart Tolle. He is an inspirational and spiritual teacher that helps people to adopt a more positive way to live their lives. As soon as he was mentioned to me I went home and began researching everything that I could find on him. I have began religiously reading his teachings and am sure to reflect upon them if ever I am having a tough day. I share his philosophical teachings with whomever I feel is open to them.

I think that Eckhart Tolle teaches positive autonomy. Nobody should have the ability to change your current state of mind without your approval. For me personally I found this incredibly useful and I try to remember to reflect upon it whenever I feel my mind beginning to go dark. I do have some chronic depression since my injury and it is something that I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. Eckhart Tolle’s teachings provide incredible coping mentalities that I hope are never far from my psyche. I have gotten back into working out and a cardio machine is a fantastic place to allow you to step away from your current cares and recite a positive mantra for the duration of your workout. I have found that after I have a great workout reciting Tolle’s teachings to myself I always sleep so much sounder at night. I encourage any of those reading who may understand my depression symptoms to comment and reflect because I know that I am not the only one who has these difficulties.

I believe in community and I have improved much based on what people have shared with me at various different points in their recoveries. Life is an ongoing game and we need to navigate through it and use our own positive mantras to speak to ourselves and help us come up with a good mentality to attack life with. Every day should be treated as an opportunity to better our lives. I have included a picture of me very recently. I hope that you enjoyed reading and I look forward to any thoughts that you may have.

~ Noelle