FACT SHEET: Administration Announces New Actions and Progress Made to Make American Buildings More Efficient and Save Businesses and Households on their Energy Bills

May 11, 2016

President Obama is committed to taking commonsense actions to reduce carbon pollution and save taxpayers money on their energy bills. Cutting energy and water waste not only drives carbon reductions, but creates a stronger building infrastructure, improves community resilience, and spurs American job growth.  Through President Obama’s Better Buildings Initiative, the Department of Energy is partnering with leading organizations in every state across the country to drive increased investment in energy efficiency and overcome the barriers that prevent many organizations and consumers from capturing these benefits.  Over the last five years, Better Buildings partners and energy savings have more than tripled.

Today there are more than 750 organizations engaged in the Better Buildings Initiative, which brings together leaders across the residential, education and business sectors to engage in ambitious energy goal setting and solution-sharing programs. Through their commitments to efficiency, all of these partners are helping better position the U.S. to combat climate change, make our businesses most competitive, and ensure efficiency provides a lasting strategy for enhancing resilience  of our nation’s building infrastructure and communities. But the Administration continues to look for new opportunities reduce carbon pollution and save consumers money on their energy bills.

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