Diagnosing chemical footprints in pediatric health care

December 5, 2017

The list of companies investing in chemical footprinting is on the rise. Now, concerned with the vulnerability of pediatric patients to exposure from hazardous chemicals, health care providers are scrutinizing the chemicals contained in the products they use on a daily basis. Beginning in the early 2000s, many health care organizations including Dignity Health moved to eliminate DEHP phthalate from medical supplies. With chemical footprint data in hand, health care organizations can engage suppliers in searching for alternatives that use inherently safer chemicals and have a baseline for measuring their progress in reducing their footprint. As Kyle Tafuri, director of sustainability at Hackensack-MeridianHealth, explained, “Having chemical footprint data reveals where CoHCs are in products, which in turn helps us make better purchasing decisions that advance our mission of health.”

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