Moments Matter

Don’t take yourself for granted. This May, take a moment for yourself to enjoy some time with your favorite book, take a run or simply share a moment with someone special. You touch so many lives, so setting your health and well-being as a priority is a moment that should matter, too.

Women’s health is not solely comprised of reproductive health or biological factors, but is also influenced by your work load, nutrition and fitness, stress, and your eating habits. This May, Paint the Town Pink is encouraging women in our community to share their Moments that Matter.

Your Health Matters

Throughout the year, you make sure that all of your responsibilities are taken care of. You bring your pet to the vet, you make sure your best friend has a great birthday and that the kids get to all their events on time. But who takes care of you?

Your health and well-being is so important. There are numerous actions you can take to improve the state of your overall health, so when you schedule your mammogram this year, include your annual wellness and gynecological visits, as well.

Early detection and an improved state of well-being is a woman’s best defense against cancer and other diseases. Talk to your doctor about ways that you can improve your health with annual screenings with your physicians, eating well, getting enough sleep, daily exercise and vitamin consumption.

This May, share your Moments that Matter by using the hashtags #HMHMomentsMatter #HMHPaintTheTownPink

Life is good with you.

Our Mission

Paint the Town Pink is a community wide effort presented by Hackensack Meridian Health to raise awareness of the importance of annual mammograms and women’s overall health and wellness.