Life After Losing Almost 150 Pounds

August 9, 2018

Bariatric surgery helps Lakewood mom regain her confidence.

By Kaylin Harper

Kristina Person, 28, knew she had to make a change in her life. After the birth of her daughter, she felt she had lost control of her eating and it was becoming difficult to do the things she loved.

After hearing a coworker had undergone bariatric surgery, Kristina looked into it for herself. Although she was skeptical, she made an appointment with Seth Kipnis, M.D., FACS, bariatric surgeon, medical director of the Center for Weight Loss Surgery and interim chair of Robotic Surgery at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, to see whether she would be a candidate.

Kristina found the team to be accommodating and supportive when she arrived for her consultation. They coordinated her care with several specialists in gastroenterology, psychiatry, nutrition, sleep medicine and pulmonology, as well as her regular primary care physician for bloodwork.


Dr. Kipnis recommended a gastric sleeve procedure for Kristina. This would reduce the size of her stomach and remove a portion of the stomach containing hormones that affect hunger, allowing her to feel full with less food.

Dr. Kipnis also suggested performing the procedure robotically. While most hospitals offer laparoscopic bariatric surgery, Jersey Shore is one of the only centers in the region to perform bariatric surgery robotically. The benefits of robotic weight loss surgery include less pain and discomfort, minimal scarring, a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and a lower chance of infection.

“At Jersey Shore, we are able to offer patients the most advanced robotic technology with the daVinci Xi®,” says Dr. Kipnis. This sophisticated technology allows Dr. Kipnis to perform complex surgeries with accuracy, dexterity and control. He is able to provide precise and advanced techniques for a safe and effective procedure. “We give patients long-term results while improving their quality of life and getting them back to doing the things they love,” Dr. Kipnis adds.


Kristina had her robotic gastric sleeve surgery in February 2017. She has lost 145 pounds in only one year and has changed her lifestyle to include healthy eating habits and daily walks.

“I am so glad that I committed to this surgery,” she says. “I have truly learned how to respect the foods that I am eating, and I’m back down to my high school weight! I can’t thank Dr. Kipnis enough for changing my life. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goal. My success is because of his success.”

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