Emergency Services

Emergency Care: Trust in Technology

Not much could be more stressful than waiting for an ambulance, not knowing if emergency workers are going to get...

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Knee Replacement: All in a Day’s Work

A day’s work for Tim Gallin—a stuntman in more than 300 movies and TV shows—means being beaten up or lit...

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Cardiac / Heart Health

Surviving Cardiac Arrest Takes a Village

Robert McGoff is a creature of habit. Four mornings a week, the 85-year-old wakes up at 6 a.m. and heads...

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Vascular Surgery: A Leg Up

John McGeehan was sitting on a chair in his garden in the seaside community of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, on...

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A Better Option for Brain Tumors

Soft spoken and set in his ways, Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, resident Roy Meyers refuses to have internet service and...

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Cancer Care

Taste Test After Tongue Cancer

In late 2017, Christer Carlsson noticed a dull, persistent pain in his left ear. The 65-year-old Spring Lake, New Jersey,...

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Emergency Services

Back in Business After Emergency Care

For someone who has just stepped on a nail, Mark Nagrocki was remarkably calm. The husband and father of two...

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A Positive Spin After Stroke

The best word to describe Edward Modrak is resilient. Over the course of his life, the 55-year-old has beaten a...

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Living With MS

Derek Winter has spent a lifetime being proactive about his health, including playing on many sports teams and seeing doctors...

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Organ Transplantation

Kidney Transplant: A Perfect Shot

Sean Greene, 49, knew the donated kidney he’d received from his sister Jiton in 2003 wouldn’t last forever. But he...

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