Cardiac / Heart Health

Surviving Cardiac Arrest Takes a Village

Robert McGoff is a creature of habit. Four mornings a week, the 85-year-old wakes up at 6 a.m. and heads...

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A Better Option for Brain Tumors

Soft spoken and set in his ways, Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, resident Roy Meyers refuses to have internet service and...

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Cancer Care

Taste Test After Tongue Cancer

In late 2017, Christer Carlsson noticed a dull, persistent pain in his left ear. The 65-year-old Spring Lake, New Jersey,...

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Living With MS

Derek Winter has spent a lifetime being proactive about his health, including playing on many sports teams and seeing doctors...

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Cardiac / Heart Health

Recipe for a Healthy Heart

On March 1, 2019, Alfredo Fresnedo had a weird feeling in his stomach on the way to work as a...

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Cardiac / Heart Health

Breaking the Chain of Heart Attack

By Donna Sellmann Not many people are worried about having a heart attack in their 40s. But for Joe Leone...

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Cardiac / Heart Health

Surviving Multiple Heart Attacks

When someone is in poor cardiac health, they’re said to have a “weak” heart. What looks like weakness, however, often...

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Breathing Again After Spinal Cord Injury

William Marshall cherishes each hard-fought hour off his mechanical ventilator. The 33-year-old now sleeps more easily through the night without...

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Cancer Care

Genetic Testing Saves Lives

Thanks to the miracle of genetics, parents pass down all sorts of traits to their children. Some parents, for example,...

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Treating SVT: The Kid’s Got Rhythm

With his brown hair, gray eyes and ever-present smile, 7-month-old Charles Caravella Jr. is a lot like other babies his...

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