Conquering Stroke

Robert Rountree, 59, from Orange, New Jersey, usually cooked meals for himself and his wife, Sheila. As a former in-house...

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The Best Medicine for Osteoarthritis

Shari Linick loves to make people laugh. The 54-year-old stand-up comedian, who has taken the stage at bars and comedy...

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Cardiac / Heart Health

Lifelong Cardiology Care

Thirty years ago, just before New Year’s Day, then-28-year-old Hugo Morales began experiencing chills, nausea and heart palpitations, and he...

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Cancer CareWomen's Health

Breast Cancer Screening: Calming the Waters

As a nurse practitioner, Madeline Rodriguez Hirsch understands the importance of proactive health care, which is why she was glad...

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Cancer Care

Skin Cancer: Putting Her Trust In Others

Some of Kayla Romero’s fondest memories include tagging along on her grandmother’s weekly beauty salon appointments. When Kayla was a...

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Sleep Disorders

Breathing Room

Lucia Maitin’s terrified scream woke her husband Carlos Maitin just in time to see the car he was driving quickly...

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Emergency Services

Hometown Hero

Giving back to his community, both financially and with his time, has long been a priority for John C. Meditz,...

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PregnancyWomen's Health

Comfort Is Key for Patients

No pregnant woman looks forward to her prenatal glucose tolerance test and the hours of hunger that accompany it, but...

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Cardiac / Heart Health

The Healthiest Man in the ICU

Thorough cardiac diagnosis and treatment saves a Hoboken man from an unexpected condition. To most everyone, Thomas Redmond, 67, was...

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Cancer Care

Living a Full, Active Life

After beating kidney cancer, one Union City woman is grateful to receive thorough and compassionate ongoing care. In 2013, Ana...

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