Off Steroids and On With the Show

Aidan Mascarelli is learning to play the piano, taking karate lessons and developing his talent for drama and theatre. While...

Meet Aidan


A Chance for Survival for Newborn

Lucas Santa Maria is a happy 7-month-old boy. He recently started eating rice cereal and baby food, is excitedly trying...

Meet Baby Lucas

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Treating SVT: The Kid’s Got Rhythm

With his brown hair, gray eyes and ever-present smile, 7-month-old Charles Caravella Jr. is a lot like other babies his...

Meet Charles

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An Award for a Pediatric Oncology Hero

There was a big hero at this year’s Little Heroes Prom, hosted by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for kids...

Meet Lee

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Tiny Fighter

Vanessa and Brian are typical first-time parents. They adore their 3-year-old daughter, Adeline (Addie for short), and take much pride...

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RSV No More

By the time they have their second or third child, many parents stress far less about every little sniffle. Mothers...

Meet the Fraziers


Diagnosis at Last: Takayasu’s Arteritis

As a child growing up in the Dominican Republic, Nathalie Duran, now 20, regularly suffered from joint pain, muscle aches,...

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The Beat Goes on After Brain Tumor

 The steady beat of Matthew Keenan’s days all center around drumming, whether in his high school marching or concert...

Meet Matthew K.


In Good Hands

Pediatric surgeon with high-risk pregnancy delivers healthy baby boy at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Victoriya Staab, M.D., is used...

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A Head Start at Breastfeeding

The transition from expectant mother to mother of a newborn can be extremely challenging, so it helps to have knowledgeable...

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