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44-year-old Woman Overcomes Colon Cancer Thanks to an Early Finding

Forty-four-year-old Carey Miller doesn’t smoke, eats a healthy diet and is proactive about her health, making sure to get all...

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High-risk Diabetic Women Safely Delivers Baby Thanks to High-level Care

When Michelle Price decided to try to have a second baby, the 31-year-old from Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, knew the...

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For Eatontown Woman, UTI Reveals Need for Robotic Surgery

When Nyhia Oughterson began feeling lower back pain and burning during urination after several days of pelvic pain, she was...

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Robotic Urological Surgery Restores Quality of Life for Cervical Cancer Survivor

When Stela Persunaru, 67, of Chicago, Illinois, was diagnosed with stage 1B cervical cancer in 2005, she was treated with...

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Tuned In With Danielle Monaro

As the co-host of Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show, Danielle Monaro is known for her infectious laugh and...

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Jackson Mom Can Play With Her Daughters Again After Breast Cancer

Six months after a double mastectomy and radiation for breast cancer treatment, Jessica Fioretti, now 41, was ready for the...

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Weight-loss Surgery Leads to Unexpected Discovery for Seaside Heights Mother

For years, 49-year-old Carey Backle had been plagued with a slew of unrelenting symptoms: high blood pressure, splitting headaches, extreme...

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Freehold Woman Finally Finds Pelvic Pain Relief

Terri Patino, 64, was tired of suffering in silence. For almost a year, she’d been dealing with the effects of...

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Optimal Wound Care Saves Suffern, New York, Woman’s Foot

It seemed like such a little thing at the time. In 2019, Lizanne Fiorentino of Suffern, New York, was visiting...

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Sperm Retrieval and IVF Help Couple Realize Dream of Conceiving A Biological Child

After only a 3 percent chance of success, Adam and Cindy Elkordy now have a 10-month-old baby girl When Adam...

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