Riverview Medical Center’s Robotics Program Hits Milestone

November 5, 2019

Riverview Medical Center Robotic Surgery Team

Program has performed more than 2,000 robotically assisted surgeries

Hackensack Meridian Health Riverview Medical Center’s robotics program has recently achieved a significant milestone. Robotically-assisted surgery entails the use of a surgical robot to facilitate the performance of complex operations without the need for a large incision. By combining robotics and state-of-the-art computer technology, surgeons can operate with greater dexterity and controls than with traditional surgical approaches.

Since the program’s inception in 2013, Riverview Medical Center has performed more than 2,000 robotic surgeries. The medical center’s physicians utilize the da Vinci® Xi and Si Surgical Systems, which allow for small incisions typically associated with traditional laparoscopic surgery, but with improved visualization and range of motion.

“This milestone speaks to the strength of our robotic surgery program and the skills of our doctors using the robots,” said Kelli O’Brien, chief hospital executive, Riverview Medical Center. “Nobody wants to have surgery, but this technology makes many procedures much more tolerable. As robots in the operating room become more and more commonplace, I’m confident we will see even more growth in the coming years.”

Robotically-assisted surgery may be a good option for the treatment of a wide-variety of colorectal, general, gynecologic and urologic conditions that previously required open surgery. Some common procedures include gallbladder removal, hernias, and pelvic reconstructive surgery to name a few.

“Since 2018, our robotics program has nearly doubled the amount of surgeries we’ve performed,” said Robert P. Penney, M.D., FACOG, director, Robotic Surgery, Riverview Medical Center. “That is a truly significant level of growth in a rather short timeframe. Robotic surgery offers smaller, more precise incisions, shorter recovery times, and less pain. For many, these are important benefits when faced with surgery and our talented group of surgeons are committed to providing the best patient experience possible.”

In addition to the da Vinci robots, Riverview Medical Center also offers the Mako System, a robotic-arm that allows surgeons to personalize the surgical experience, tailoring it to patients’ needs and anatomy. The Mako system is used for partial and total knee replacement surgeries. For more information about Riverview’s robotic surgery program, please visit: https://www.riverviewmedicalcenter.com/services/surgical-services/surgical-specialties/robotic-surgery/ or call 732-530-2442.