Hackensack Meridian Health and Wambi Join Forces to Share the Love for Frontline Heroes through Carepostcard.com

March 25, 2021

Hackensack Meridian Health, the largest integrated health network in New Jersey, is partnering with Wambi to make it easy for all Americans to share their appreciation for frontline heroes by sending a Carepostcard.

“The unwavering dedication, commitment and courage of our healthcare workers make them true heroes, especially during the pandemic. Their selfless sacrifice in service of patients saves lives every day, and they deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. Carepostcard allows everyone to do their part by saying thank you,” said Tria Deibert, Vice President, Culture, Hackensack Meridian Health.

Last year, during the first wave of the pandemic and in celebration of National Nurses Week, recognition and culture transformation company Wambi announced the relaunch of Carepostcard.com, inviting the public to honor those on the frontlines battling COVID-19 by sharing their gratitude or a personal story with a digital postcard. Anyone can now create a Carepostcard for a healthcare worker, whether to the general healthcare community or for a specific care provider, sharing a small token of appreciation for those risking their own health and safety to care for others every day.

Wambi CEO and Co-founder Rebecca Metter added, “We know Americans are looking for new ways to express their continued support for frontline workers. Carepostcard is a powerful outlet for these intentions. We’ve seen great success with Hackensack Meridian Health, with grateful patients offering thousands of Carepostcards to those providing caring, motivated, and exceptional care. We look forward to extending this gratitude to as many healthcare heroes as possible through the public platform.”

Those giving or receiving Carepostcards have the option to share posts to their social networks or remain anonymous. Carepostcard is integrated with the Wambi platform which is deployed across healthcare organizations like Hackensack Meridian Health nationwide. Wambi delivers a patient-driven healthcare employee performance and engagement platform aimed at promoting gratitude and empowering compassionate care. Through its gamified digital system informed by real-time patient and peer recognition, team members are armed with their individual data as a means to uplift and inspire behavioral change.

Send a Carepostcard today. It’s a meaningful way to show our healthcare heroes that we care.

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About Wambi
Wambi’s holistic real-time recognition and culture transformation solution improves the healthcare experience for patients and staff through the power of gratitude. Its gamified technology delivers real-time feedback from patients and other team members that recognizes, rewards, and motivates optimal care. With the proven ability to increase workforce engagement, reduce clinician burnout, and drive higher patient satisfaction, Wambi improves human connection for all.

For additional information, please visit www.Wambi.org.

Wambi launched Carepostcard and the Compassionate Care Movement™ in July 2017 as a public way to promote compassion in healthcare. Through creating a positive giving circle where patients, families, and providers can share and receive gratitude, we fostered a more grateful community and better patient experiences for all.

Now, Carepostcard has evolved into something much bigger. Since COVID-19, the ability to share gratitude with the frontline is more necessary than ever.  Through Carepostcard, every American can share a story, a moment, or a simple declaration of gratitude for those who have impacted them in ways big and small. Through illuminating positive moments and expressing gratitude, those risking their lives on the frontlines can be recognized meaningfully and on-goingly in ways they whole-heartedly deserve.

“Small acts of kindness, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”