Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University

A New Vision for Medical Education

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An Innovative, Team-Based Approach

What We Believe

We will offer an innovative, team-based approach to medical education that mirrors the future of health care.

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Each person in New Jersey, and in the United States, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, will enjoy the highest levels of wellness in an economically and behaviorally sustainable fashion.

Our students will learn to apply the most advanced scientific knowledge and tools so that, as practicing physicians, they are prepared to help patients in the communities where they live – not just in hospitals and clinics.


We are marrying a deep tradition of exceptional academic rigor, which Seton Hall has provided to students for more than 150 years, with unparalleled access to vast clinical experiences offered by the acclaimed Hackensack Meridian Health network.

Our Partnership

The Future of Health Care


Dean's Message

  • As proud as I am of our profession and its training, we must do more. And we must do it differently. Physicians must be trained in communities. And they must be trained to function seamlessly within a diverse, interdisciplinary professional team.

    ‐ Bonita Stanton, MD


Medical knowledge grows and changes by the minute, with advances in all realms of biotechnology, from precision medicine to stem cell therapeutics. Our healthcare landscape demands a new type of physician, one with a distinct skill set. And that requires a new vision for medical education.

An Integrated Team Approach

The most effective health care hinges upon collaboration. For this reason, our innovative curriculum is designed to reflect teamwork. From the first day of classes straight through to graduation, our students work together in small groups, constantly sharing and refining their ideas, benefiting from one another and improving their ability to solve complex problems and communicate effectively.

Our Curriculum


We will be present in the spaces where health care truly takes place. Graduates the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University will help shape the healthcare system of tomorrow, one that is not confined to the walls of hospitals or offices but will integrate seamlessly with community-based activities and agencies.

A Deep Understanding of Community

They will recognize the factors that influence health outcomes — socioeconomics, race, ethnicity — and they will design treatment and prevention plans that maximize the health potential of each patient — in full consideration of the community each patient lives in.

The Most Advanced Scientific Knowledge

It Begins With Our Students

Admissions Philosophy

Our goal is to select a multi-talented and diverse student body. For the betterment of our communities, our school and the medical profession as a whole, the Admissions Committee will take a new approach. Applicants who bring exceptional qualities, skills and diverse life experiences to the educational community and the practice of medicine will be given first consideration. Admission to the School of Medicine will be granted to those applicants who have the potential to make the most significant contributions to society as members of the medical profession.

Affordability Matters

our goal is to keep quality education within the reach of academically skilled students. Our financial aid program is committed to providing information and resources to students interested in pursuing their medical degree, and our counselors will assist applicants in identifying scholarships, loans and other sources of support. Members of the initial classes at the School of Medicine are eligible for a range of scholarships. We are pleased to provide funding opportunities that will help students afford a private medical school education while reducing the financial burden to them and their families.