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How to Make Sure Your Child Is Safe in School This Year

As in-person learning resumes amidst the Delta variant surge, here are steps you can take...

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How to Find the Best Physical Activity for Your Kid

Meeting children where they are and encouraging enjoyable physical activity promotes a lifetime of health.

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How Early Can a Baby Be Born?

About one in 10 American babies is born preterm, defined as prior to 37 weeks...

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How to Test If You Have a Concussion

What tests can you do at home to tell if you or someone in your...

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How Parents Can Prepare For Their Child's Surgery

Here are some tips for how you can prepare yourself for your child’s surgery.

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How to Protect Yourself From Common Sports Injuries

Sports and physical activities bring plenty of benefits, but they could also put you at...

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What Makes a Pregnancy High-risk?

Learn what factors qualify a pregnancy as high-risk and how doctors take extra precautions to...