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Family Medicine Residency Program


Welcome to the Mountainside Family Medicine Residency website and thank you for your interest in us. Our program has a long, successful history and we’ve advanced both the quality and availability of primary care by training many distinguished physicians. We’re pleased to provide you with extensive information about why our current residents chose our program, our curriculum, the credentials of our faculty and our approach to selecting and training residents. In reviewing these materials, you’ll discover that we’re committed to the professional and personal development of each of our residents. Our alumni have been contributing to the betterment of the specialty of Family Medicine for over four decades. Being a Family Physician is a special calling that involves truly getting to know your patients. In our program, you will be trained to provide excellent medical care with empathy and compassion. You’ll also learn to embrace and welcome the opportunity to care for people from all walks of life, cultures and ethnicities with whom you will encounter in all phases of life - from expectant mothers and newborn infants to children, adults and seniors.

If Family Medicine is where your heart and soul lead you, and we agree that the Mountainside Family Medicine Residency Program is a good fit, I’ll devote my energy, experience, and institutional resources to your training. Together, we’ll do the difficult but rewarding work required to transform you into an excellent Family Medicine physician.


Kevin Berg, M.D.

Residency Director

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