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Let’s Put the Vaping Crisis at the Top of the Agenda.

Hackensack Meridian Health CEO Robert C. Garrett calls on all health networks in New Jersey to launch a major education campaign to warn the public and especially teen about the potential hazards of vaping.


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Home is Where Award-Winning Care is

Hackensack Meridian Health, New Jersey’s largest and most comprehensive health network, is proud to announce that four of its hospitals – Hackensack University Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center and Riverview Medical Center – are among the top hospitals in New Jersey for 2019-20, according to U.S. News & World Report. Additionally, the hospitals are also ranked as High Performing in the U.S. in several areas of care. The 30th annual Best Hospitals rankings recognize hospitals that excel in treating the most challenging patients.

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Nursing and Rehabilitation

Hackensack Meridian Health, New Jersey’s largest and most comprehensive and integrated health network, is proud to announce that three nursing homes – Prospect Heights Care Center in Hackensack, Regent Care Center in Hackensack and West Caldwell Care Center in West Caldwell – have joined the network.


Hackensack Meridian Health John Theurer Cancer Center

Hackensack Meridian Health John Theurer Cancer Center is a proud member of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)- approved Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Consortium.

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Patient Safety & Quality

At Hackensack Meridian Health, we are committed to achieving the highest quality standards and outcomes and welcome the clarity that measurement and reporting bring to the process. We are committed to transparency; shining a spotlight on safety, patient experience, and other publicly reported measures that accelerates improvement.

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Behavioral Health

Does Addiction Run in the Family?

Learn about the signs of substance addiction, genetic factors and how a family history can affect your chances.

Cancer Care Lungs & Breathing

What Happens to Your Lungs When You Vape?

Two Hackensack Meridian Health experts in lung cancer weigh in on how vaping can impact...

Pediatrics Pregnancy

Should You Still Be Concerned About Zika Virus?

If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant you should take certain steps to...


4 Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can lead to serious health complications, including heart attack and stroke. The...

Emergency Medicine

How To Create a Family Emergency Plan

September is National Preparedness Month, and just as the hospital plans for emergencies and disasters,...

Parenting Pediatrics

New Term Germs: Avoid These 5 Back-to-School ‘Bugs’

Back-to-school means more exposure to germs and "bugs". Pediatrician, Glenn Salcedo, M.D., shares some of...

Cancer Care Women’s Health

Should You Be Doing Breast Self-Exams?

Learn about the current breast self-exam recommendations, the latest mammogram protocols and how to determine...

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