My Story About Taking My Kids to the ER During COVID – Danielle

January 6, 2021

Danielle, a mom of three, had to take each one of her kids to the emergency room, three separate times during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Q & A, she shares details from her experiences, encouraging other parents or guardians not to wait if their child needs care.

HealthU: Tell us about your journey.

Danielle: I’m a mom with three kids, so life is crazy enough, but three kid visits to the emergency room during the second wave of COVID-19? Totally unexpected, and luckily, a completely smooth and safe experience. For the first trip when our youngest, Michael, cut open his chin in a fall I was initially hesitant to visit the emergency room for a variety of reasons. Did he really need stitches? Was I overreacting? Would I potentially expose him to something else? I decided to do an emergency virtual appointment to start off with and when the doctor said he needed stitches or medical glue my mind was put to ease that I was doing the right thing and I headed over to the pediatric emergency room at Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital.

HealthU: What was your biggest concern?

Danielle: I think my biggest worry was having to sit in the waiting room filled with sick people, but thankfully it wasn’t like that at all. Upon arrival, we were checked-in then immediately brought to a private room. It was separated from other rooms and clean. I had zero anxiety being there because there was no chaos, it was quiet and calm. All of the staff seemed extra cautious with masks/PPE and lots and lots of hand sanitizer use and hand washing. While it’s harder to hear people when their face is covered, we adjusted by speaking louder, a small price to pay for everyone’s safety.

HealthU: What do you want other parents to know?

Danielle: In going to the hospital in September, October, and November of 2020—each for a different child and different reasons (chin wound, COVID-concerns, and ankle injury), the experience was consistent each time. The staff was courteous and thoughtful, even offering my daughter a fun, cartoon mask to wear. Care and safety were not compromised, and I would tell other moms that if their child needs urgent care not to be fearful because there isn’t a feeling of being at risk at all.

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