Health Coaching

The role of a health coach is to partner with clients to create and implement a plan for positive change towards optimal well-being. In addition to providing a structure of support and accountability, the coach will assist the client to generate solutions and strategies that are aligned with the larger context of their life, so they can experience sustainable lifestyle change. At Hackensack Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine, the coaching process is built on an exploration of our Five Pillars of Health & Well-Being: Sleep, Activity, Purpose, Nutrition & Resilience. All of our Integrative Health Coaches are also Registered Nurses and have achieved National Board Certification in Health & Wellness Coaching.

What are the benefits of health coaching?

  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Personal growth
  • Improved overall health, motivation, empowerment
  • Coach serves as an accountability partner
  • Develop sustainable lifestyle change
  • Whole person approach
  • Live a healthy, energized life
  • Become your best self

Anyone can benefit from partnering with a health coach. Seventy to eighty percent of chronic disease is related to poor lifestyle choices that are within our control. Often, we may know what is best for us, but don’t do it. By working with a health coach, a person can get to the “why” and “how” to make changes and set small, achievable goals. Through the process of exploring the full range of the illness-wellness continuum, one can move along toward optimal health & wellness.