Welcome to the Psychology Internship Program at Hackensack Meridian Health, Jersey Shore University Medical Center

This one year internship will provide specialized training in assessment and treatment for patients and their families. Ages range from infants to the geriatric population. The mission of the psychology internship is to provide broad-based clinical training that will prepare interns to be ethical, competent, and culturally sensitive practitioners.

Goals of the Psychology Internship:

  • Develop competence in psychological evaluation and assessment of children and adults who present a wide range of diagnoses and difficulties.
  • Develop competence in psychological interventions with children and adults who present a wide range of diagnoses and difficulties.
  • Demonstrate competent professional and ethical behavior and sensitivity to diversity issues.
  • Develop maturing professional identity, an understanding of professional issues and a perception of themselves as psychologists.
  • Develop a skilled interface between science and practice by applying scientific knowledge in clinical settings, being educated consumers of empirical research, and engaging in research projects or program evaluation.

Contact Us

Danielle Ortolani, MHA
Program Coordinator
Phone: 731-776-3816
Email: JSUMCPsychologyInternship@hmhn.org

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