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Philanthropy helps make it possible for Bayshore Medical Center to continue to provide the highest level of care to the community. To support the medical center, Bayshore Medical Center Foundation gratefully accepts gifts from individuals, families, grateful patients, businesses, corporations, foundations and other sources. If you would like to make a gift, but are unsure about how, or to which area, our foundation team would welcome the opportunity to speak. Gifts to Bayshore Medical Center directly benefit our patients, and we thank you for your support.

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Bayshore Medical Center Foundation: 22-2367109

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Marisa Medina, MCIS, CFRE
Executive Director
Bayshore Medical Center Foundation
727 N Beers St, Holmdel, NJ 07733
Phone: 732-739-5994
Fax: 732-751-5120

Donor Support Helping Women in Need

Thanks to generous donors to the Bayshore Medical Center Foundation Pink Fund, free breast cancer screenings are available for uninsured or underinsured women.

To schedule your appointment, call 732-497-1726.

Fundraising Priorities

Bayshore Medical Center’s Women’s Center is a highly respected and trusted diagnostic breast imaging practice, relied upon by residents from across the region. To continue providing the most advanced care possible, the Women’s Center is in need of innovative technology and continued funding.

Breast Biopsy Technology
Upgrading to state-of-the-art Breast Biopsy technology will provide vacuum-assisted breast tissue biopsy with 3D, or tomosynthesis, image guidance capability. This technology also offers increased comfort for patients due to integrated pain management, a quieter operation and shorter overall procedure time.

Screenings for Uninsured Patients - Ongoing Program
Bayshore Medical Center’s “Pink Fund” covers the cost of Screening Mammograms, Diagnostic Mammograms, MRI Breast and MRI Breast Biopsies, Stereotactic/Tomo and Ultrasound Biopsies for community members who are uninsured and in need. Annually, up to 20 community members utilize this life-saving resource. With additional funding, however, the medical center can increase awareness of the program.

At Bayshore Medical Center, the Surgical Services department is a priority service line with expertise in multiple specialties utilizing robotic, laparoscopic and traditional techniques. It is critical to provide the surgical team with the most advanced technology, including:

C-Arm Equipment
Used to monitor progress during orthopedic and other procedures, C-Arms allow surgeons to make adjustments to the surgical plan in real time. They can be moved around the patient for the most accurate imaging. The large C-Arm can record and archive high-resolution images.

Specimen Radiograph
Once a cancerous growth is surgically removed, this technology will allow surgeons to verify in real time whether all of the cancerous cells have been removed, or if the procedure should continue on the spot.

iLED Surgical Lights
The surgical team needs a clear and well-lit view of the patient’s surgical site to work safely and accurately. After many years of use, replacing lighting in all of the operating room suites provides the medical center the opportunity to upgrade to lights that are easier to position during procedures, have LED sources for consistent brightness and surfaces that are more easily disinfected.

X-Ray technology is among the most commonly used diagnostic tests. A portable X-Ray unit allows the medical team to easily, and quickly, bring the test directly to the bedside, putting the comfort and privacy of patients first, and allowing the team to perform more tests in a shorter time period across departments throughout the hospital.

Throughout the pandemic, ICUs across the nation have operated beyond capacity. Bayshore Medical Center is no exception. Upgrading existing monitors to biometric monitors connected to an integrated system will ensure speedy, team-centered care for the medical center's sickest patients.

For decades, scholarships funded by the generosity of grateful patients and families in our community have allowed nurses to continue their training, expand their knowledge and grow in their expertise, achieve national certifications in their specialties and obtain advanced degrees in nursing, securing the best care possible for our patients. Scholarships are fully funded by philanthropic gifts.

Nurses are highly-trained medical professionals responsible for patient care in all areas of a medical center, including the emergency care center, operating room, inpatient units and outpatient areas dedicated to single-day treatment, procedures and testing. Ongoing clinical training and specialty certifications are critical, with a cost of over $150,000 annually.

Bayshore Medical Center is undertaking a 36-month project to overhaul fire safety, requiring system upgrades to ensure the safety of patients, team members and visitors, as well as to protect the hospital’s infrastructure. Phase I is underway to upgrade the Surgical Suite and infrastructure services areas. Phase II will require asbestos removal and sprinkler installation in common areas, elevator lobbies, central sterile processing and food services.

Bayshore Medical Center absorbs approximately $11,000 annually in patient transportation costs to home and through medical transport for those in need to ensure equitable access to health care.

Bayshore Medical Center was built by philanthropy 50 years ago.  That legacy lives on as our community continues to believe in the critical need for health care and our frontline team. An unrestricted gift to Bayshore Medical Center, or a gift in support of a specific department or fund such as the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, Women’s Center, Surgical Services, Patient Comfort Fund, Rehab and any other, allows the medical center to prioritize patient care and the patient experience above all else.

Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Serena DiMaso, Esq.

Vice Chairperson: Evaristo Stanziale

Secretary: Carol B. Stillwell 

Treasurer: Vincent Hager

CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health: Robert C. Garrett

President and Chief Development Officer, Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation: Joyce P. Hendricks

President, Central Market: M. Todd Way

President and Chief Hospital Executive, Bayshore Medical Center: Frank Citara, MBA

Executive Director: Marisa Medina


  • Gaurav Baveja
  • Lori Ann Davidson
  • John D. Deliso
  • Angelo DeRosa
  • Courtney Fiore
  • Richard Kolber
  • Victor Lolli
  • Rajiv Prasad, M.D.
  • Adrian M. Pristas, M.D.
  • Asaad H. Samra, M.D., FACS
  • Jason Savarese
  • Christopher M. Striano
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