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Southern Ocean Medical Center Foundation is the tax-exempt charity providing philanthropic support for Southern Ocean Medical Center. We welcome contributions from individuals, families, businesses, corporations, foundations, or similar sources. If you’re not sure how you would like to give, or what you would like to support, foundation staff is available to discuss your areas of interest, the medical center’s vision and options for giving.

Your donations directly impact the programs and services, equipment and supplies – and most importantly – the patients and their families who come to the medical center for care. Every gift helps us to fulfill our goal of providing the most comprehensive medical care close to home. Thank you for your support of Southern Ocean Medical Center.

Tax ID Number

Southern Ocean Medical Center Foundation Tax ID Number: 22-2666099

Contact Us

James Young
Executive Director
Southern Ocean Medical Center Foundation
1140 Route 72 West Manahawkin, NJ 08050
Phone: 609-978-3040
Fax: 609-978-8983

Fundraising Priorities

More than 50 years ago, Hackensack Meridian Southern Ocean Medical Center was founded by a small group of committed residents on Long Beach Island who shared a dream to build a hospital. Today, Southern Ocean Medical Center’s dedicated donors follow in the steps of its founders by generously supporting the medical center’s tremendous growth to meet the ever-changing health care needs of the community.

Southern Ocean Medical Center is preparing for a $23 million surgical expansion project that will span 30 months. This project will support the expansion of four operating rooms to a total six state-of-the-art operating rooms. Four of the surgical rooms will expand in size and the remaining two surgical rooms will accommodate local procedures and minor procedures.

Efficiency for patients and their loved ones is important to Southern Ocean Medical Center. The renovation will also allow for expanded pre- and post-op areas. To house necessary technology and supplies, a storage room will also be added. Sterile processing will also be expanded and improved upon to provide the safest patient care possible.

This surgical expansion will greatly reduce wait times for surgical space and comes during a time when there is great growth taking place, community and business-wide, all throughout southern Ocean County.

In addition to Surgical Services, Southern Ocean Medical Center features an Emergency Department, Oncology Center and a full range of Cardiac Services, to help care for our community.

As health care technology advances, Southern Ocean Medical Center must ensure that its team members have state-of-the-art equipment to continue providing patients with exceptional care. Philanthropy enables Southern Ocean Medical Center to purchase critical and innovative technology for its surgical expansion, like the da Vinci Xi® Surgical System.

The da Vinci Xi® Surgical System is major investment of more than $2 million, funded through pledge payments made by the four auxiliaries of Southern Ocean Medical Center, including the Boosters Auxiliary which operates the hospital gift shop, “The Bird Cage”; the Holly Auxiliary that operates a thrift shop in Waretown under the same name; the Laurel Auxiliary, which operates the “Second Time Around” thrift shop in Tuckerton; and the SOCH Auxiliary, which operates the “Old and New Shop” in Manahawkin.

The recent acquisition of the robot has enabled the Southern Ocean Medical Center to expand its surgical capabilities with the ability to make minimally invasive surgery a standard of care. Now, patients have local access to both open and robotic-assisted surgery options, which enables surgeons to operate with enhanced vision (up to 10 times what the human eye can see), dexterity and precision. By using stealth robotic-assisted technology, patients can benefit from smaller incisions associated with minimal scarring, less blood loss, fewer complications, faster recovery, shorter hospital stays and less need for narcotic pain medicine.

Our Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Deborah Mathis Sundermann, C.P.A. 

Vice Chairperson: Skye Gibson

Secretary: Joan M. Hart

Treasurer: Sean Kauffman

Chairperson (Emeritus): Thomas Dolan

CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health: Robert C. Garrett

President and Chief Development Officer, Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation: Joyce P. Hendricks

President, Southern Market: Kenneth N. Sable, M.D., MBA, FACEP

President and Chief Hospital Executive, Southern Ocean Medical Center: Michele Morrison, MPH, BSHA, RN

Executive Director: Jim Young


  • Michael R. Aaron, D.O.
  • Marean Abramson (President, SOCH Auxiliary)
  • Judy Brophy (President, Boosters)
  • Phyllis Buttermark (President, Laurel Auxiliary)
  • Paul K. Chung, M.D.
  • Jeremy S. DeFilippis
  • Thomas Dolan (Chairperson Emeritus)
  • Kenny Formica
  • Christopher Fritz
  • John (Jack) Imperato
  • Joseph P. Lattanzi, M.D.
  • Matthew E. Matey
  • Angela R. Ominski
  • Joseph D. Rulli
  • Frances Signorile (President, Holly Auxiliary)
  • Robert Stohrer
  • Karl W. Strom, M.D.
  • Edward Walters, Jr.
  • David Wyrsch, Jr.
  • Thomas C. Yu, M.D.

Auxiliary Partners

Four community-based auxiliaries comprising more than 600 volunteers from the southern Ocean County community give their time, talent and financial resources for the betterment of Southern Ocean Medical Center. They actively support the hospital through operations of resale shops, the Hospital’s Bird Cage Gift Shop and numerous social and fundraising activities.

While each of the auxiliaries of Southern Ocean Medical Center focus a great deal of their time and attention on fundraising, they also are a wonderful opportunity for meeting new people, socializing, networking and making friends in the southern Ocean County community. From thrift shops to gift shops, from fashion shows to card parties, from cocktail parties or afternoon teas, each auxiliary has its own character and personality. And although each is concentrated in a specific geographical area of southern Ocean County, none has a geographic requirement and each welcomes all interested individuals. Please contact our foundation team if you are interested in getting involved in one of our auxiliaries.

The Boosters Auxiliary was founded in the 1940s by a group of women on Long Beach Island who believe they needed a local hospital. Armed with pails, the group asked for donations from visitors and locals who were basking in the summer sun and dining in local restaurants. When Southern Ocean County Hospital (now Southern Ocean Medical Center) opened its doors in 1972, the Boosters didn’t quit.

Today, the Boosters Auxiliary operates the hospital gift shop called “The Bird Cage,” which is conveniently located just off of the hospital’s main lobby. They remain an active fundraising component for the medical center and have played a significant role in helping to purchase health care equipment and new technology so that Ocean Medical Center can continue to meet the growing needs of the community. 

The Holly Auxiliary, made up of volunteers from Barnegat, Waretown, Forked River, Whiting and Bayville, promotes charitable fundraising and volunteer activities to help advance health care at Southern Ocean Medical Center. The group operates the Holly Auxiliary thrift shop, which can be found in the Waretown Plaza, on Route 9 in Waretown. They accept and sell men’s, women’s and children’s clothing; shoes and accessories; housewares and small appliances; books; records; video tapes; games; and puzzles.

While donations of furniture are accepted, please call ahead to 609-693-3191. Donations are accepted every day until 1/2 hour before closing.

The shop does not accept mattresses, encyclopedias, computers, or bowling balls.

The Laurel Auxiliary was established in 1974 and engages in a variety of fundraising efforts to support Southern Ocean Medical Center. In recent years, gifts to the Southern Ocean Medical Center Foundation from the Laurel Auxiliary have helped to purchase various pieces of clinical equipment, including those used in the Southern Ocean Medical Center Cancer Center, the Center for Health in Little Egg Harbor, the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and the Women’s Imaging Center. 

Laurel Auxiliary also operates the “Second Time Around” thrift shop, located at 123 East Main Street in Tuckerton. Donations are accepted Monday through Friday until 2 p.m. The shop accepts everything except mattresses, furniture, computers, televisions and large appliances. Ring the bell at the rear entrance, or call 609-294-9869.

The SOCH Auxiliary traces its roots to 1955 when a few women saw the need for a local hospital. Their dreams were realized when Southern County Hospital (now Southern Ocean Medical Center) opened its doors in 1972.

In 1955, the group also opened the “Old and New Shop,” which has blossomed from a garage sale store located in a beauty shop to a $300,000+ business that has taken countless volunteer hours and dedication to create. Located at 440 East Bay Avenue in Manahawkin, the shop accepts everything except mattresses, large appliances and large furniture. Donations are accepted at the rear entrance, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Please call 609-597-3470 with any questions.

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