Internal Medicine Residency

Welcome Message from the Program Director

What I am most proud of is how well our residents are doing after leaving Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Those who have chosen to practice right after completing training have repeatedly reported back to us how well prepared they were to practice independently. In addition, those who have pursued fellowship training have done exceedingly well. Our residents have matched in virtually every subspecialty, all over the country. Thankfully a good number of residents have chosen to stay local so we can continue to work with them as colleagues. Thank you for your interest in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Please explore our website, review our program and visit again for new updates.

We hope you find all the information you want and invite you to call the department at 732-776-4483.

Arman Mushtaq, M.D.
Program Director
Medical Director, Jane H. Booker Family Health Center
Director, Outpatient Clinical Operations Department of Medicine

Video Message about the JSUMC Internal Medicine Residency Program

Program Specifics

We currently have 18 Preliminary PGY-1 Resident Interns, and about 16 Categorical PGY-1, PGY-2, and PGY3 Residents for a total of 67 residents. We have been fortunate to have matched bright, hardworking, and dedicated young physicians who have worked cohesively toward providing excellent care and a wonderful collegial environment. Our residents work under the guidance and supervision of our dedicated faculty to provide state of the art medical care to our ethnically, culturally and economically diverse patient population. With approximately 20,000 medical admissions to our hospital last year alone, our residents have ample opportunity to see a broad spectrum of disease states and can choose which cases are the most interesting for them to manage. Our residents act as teachers and mentors to the many third and fourth year medical students who rotate through our hospital.

Residents rotate through and get exposure to all aspects of internal medicine. From ambulatory care to critical care and from general internal medicine to the myriad of subspecialist rotations, we have a broad curriculum that provides a rounded experience throughout the residency training. We offer the opportunity to do away elective rotations, so you can experience how medicine is practiced at other institutions in other parts of the country. Long before the ACGME introduced work hour restrictions, we recognized that a tired resident couldn’t learn or provide appropriate medical care. With a robust night float system, we are entirely a 24-hour call free program and few rotations require more than 65 hours per week, far less than the 80-hour per week restriction by the ACGME.

Clinical research opportunities continue to expand at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Every categorical resident is required to engage in a research project under the direction and guidance of a faculty mentor prior to completion of the program. Our administration continues to grow and support research at our institution, which has lead to numerous regional and national publications by our residents. Our robust journal club has helped teach excellent statistical analysis skills that our residents have used both to analyze the literature as well as compose it. We have a full time statistician available to the residents to help with their data analysis and final calculations.

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