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Rotation Schedule

Long before ACGME work-hours rules, the Internal Medicine program at Jersey Shore University Medical Center embarked on a path toward a more sensible lifestyle for residents with the belief that learning cannot occur safely or effectively when trainees are exhausted. Today, a robust night-float system has eliminated over-night call and few rotations require more than 65 hours per week, far less than the 80-hour work restriction defined by the ACGME.
First Year: General Medicine – 12 weeks
CCU – 3 weeks
ICU – 9 weeks
Night Float – 6 weeks
Primary Care – 7 weeks
Elective – 4 weeks
Vacation – 4 weeks
ER Elective – 2 weeks
Team A Didactics – 3 weeks

Second Year:

General Medicine – 6 weeks
Cardiology – 2-3 weeks
Night CCU/ICU – 3 weeks
Night MAR (Medical Admitting Resident) – 3 weeks
Geriatrics – 3 weeks
Primary care – 10 weeks
Elective – 3-4 weeks
Vacation – 4 weeks
ID – 3 weeks
Team A Didactics – 3 weeks
Heme/Onc – 2-3 weeks
Endo – 3 weeks
Nephrology – 3 weeks

Third Year:

General Medicine – 6 weeks
ICU – 3 weeks
Night CCU/ICU – 4 weeks
MAR – 4weeks
Geriatrics – 3 weeks
Primary care – 9 weeks
Elective – 9 weeks
Vacation – 4 weeks
Med-consult – 3 weeks
Didactics – 3 weeks
Pulmonary – 3 weeks
ER MAR – 1-3 weeks


Working through the research process — formulation of a hypothesis/ preparing a research plan/ making final revisions to a manuscript — gives one a true feel for the complexity of clinical investigation and an appreciation for the work done by others. Personal engagement in the research endeavor provides a stronger basis for critical assessment of the literature, and residents who demonstrate proficiency and productivity in scholarly activities will stand apart from the crowd when applying for fellowships.

Presently research involvement is an essential component of any residency training program, not only to introduce the young physician to clinical research but these scholarly activities as a requirement for getting into the fellowship race. Personal engagement in the research endeavor provides a stronger basis for a critical assessment of the literature, and residents who demonstrate proficiency and productivity in scholarly activities will stand apart from the crowd when applying for fellowships. The Department of Medicine strongly holds the notion that to create a reflective and competent physician, residents must know how to interpret medical literature, validate data, and verify the information to apply knowledge into clinical practice.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Jersey Shore University Medical Center is unique in that it has resources available at few other programs. In the last 4 years, the research and scholarly activities of this program have reached the next level under Arif Asif MD, FACP, MHCM, Chair of the Department of Medicine. With his extensive research experience, he built a strong and unwavering research team under the leadership of Amir Hossain MD, FACP, Director of Didactics & Research. With continuous guidance and support from the hospital administration, Dr. Hossain and our residents have published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals in the last few years which included original research, quality improvement projects, review articles, case series, case reports, and editorials. We have been able to establish six brand new fellowship programs in a few years.

Dr. Hossain’s priorities are to work with the residents and department members to improve residents’ research experience and scholarly activities, and preparing them as competitive candidates for fellowships. He offers experience and knowledge to guide residents through the processes of developing and focusing a research question, design of the protocol and data collection tool, and completion of the application to the Institutional Review Board (the committee that oversees all research at our institution). Dr. Hossain is a complement to numerous other faculty members, proven mentors, who actively engage residents in original research that is often accepted for presentation at national meetings. To facilitate research and train the residents, Dr. Hossain has formed a Research Committee with different graduate cohorts and interested faculty members under the supervision of Dr. Asif. This research committee coordinates all research activities, provides educational materials, and organizes different didactic lectures and workshops to coach the residents to increase their research skills. A dedicated Research Elective Rotation has been created for different PGY cohorts, where residents have dedicated time to focus on research and complete their assignments.

Recently, Shuvendu Sen MD, FACP has joined the Department of Medicine as a Vice Chair of Research and Outcomes, who is also a great asset to the residents to support their research projects. Dr. Sen collaborates on interdepartmental research in the HMH network. In addition, YenHong Kuo Ph.D. is a full-time Biostatistician on staff at Jersey Shore University Medical Center available for consultation regarding the specifics of study design and data analysis.

Conferences and Didactics

Our educational framework consists of a combination of supervised clinical care and formal didactic teaching programs. The residents are expected to attend the various conferences and have ‘protected time’ so they can attend without distractions.

Morning Report

Morning Report is just one of the highlights of the learning opportunities in Medicine here at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. It is held weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

The emphasis is on clinical medicine – the ability to take a thorough history, perform a comprehensive symptom-directed physical exam, synthesize the data into a logical differential diagnosis, and order appropriate laboratory and ancillary tests. Members of the faculty regularly challenge residents, and residents are expected to challenge faculty, to be consistent to the principles of evidence-based medicine and cost-effectiveness.

Internal Medicine Core Lecture Series

This continuing series of lectures is based on the educational objectives and curriculum established by Jersey Shore University Medical Center to provide a solid foundation in essential primary care and subspecialty topics. The lectures are given at noon time and are grouped on a monthly basis by field of medicine. Topics include:

  • Cardiology
  • Critical Care
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • ENT
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Hematology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Medical Ethics
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Nutrition
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Palliative Care
  • Primary Care
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology

Grand Rounds

This is a traditional academic grand rounds attended by the residents, medical students, faculty, voluntary faculty, and members of the Department of Medicine and physicians from other departments in the hospital. Distinguished educators from all around the nation present formal lectures. In addition to evolving issues in clinical practice, presentations cover such diverse topics as ethics, business, research, public health, risk management, professional liability, and cultural diversity.

Resident Research Day And Peer Review Meetings

These conferences are held monthly and allow residents to present to the faculty and the other residents. In order to hone research plans, study design and data and to foster an atmosphere of inquiry and scholarship. The culmination of these efforts is celebrated in June when residents, faculty and alumni from all departments convene to present papers and posters, with prizes awarded for exceptional achievement. Many of these projects are also published or presented at national meetings.

Journal Club

Articles from the current medical literature are chosen for presentation and discussion. Third year medical residents present interesting articles for discussion. We focus on how to critically and analytically review published articles. We expand our medical knowledge and our skills in systems based learning. We discuss statistics and study design and share practical advice about research design and publishing.

Clinical Pathological Conference

Held about once per month, this is a chance for our third year residents to present to the entire Department of Medicine in a “Grand Rounds” setting. Working with a faculty mentor, residents select an interesting case which they present as the starting point for a formal discussion of pathophysiology and clinical issues.

Board Review

The department sponsors a comprehensive six-month Board Review Course to help our residents prepare for the ABIM Board Certification Exam. Participation is open to all residents but the course is geared towards the third year class.

Optional Conferences

In addition to the required didactic program, residents are encouraged to participate in other conferences as time permits:

  • Subspecialty Journal Clubs
  • Tumor Board
  • Breast Cancer Conference
  • Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Conference
  • Nephrology CPCs
  • Regional Infectious Diseases Case Conference

Feedback Fridays

Once a month, the Program Directors or the Chair of Medicine hold Feedback Friday, during which residents receive cumulative feedback. This is also an opportunity for residents to provide feedback to the program. It is one of many innovative steps to address the concerns of our residents, to provide a supportive environment and conceptual space where residents can express not only their concerns but also ideas to improve the program further.

Examinations & Evaluations


We recognize the value of honest, constructive evaluations which help improve our skills and expertise. On a monthly basis, residents receive comprehensive written feedback through our online evaluation system called New Innovations. Feedback is provided frequently and informally on rounds, after conferences, or after any observed encounter. Clinical skills are formally assessed through mini-CEXs evaluations and OSCEs. Feedback from patients, medical students, and nurses also round out the evaluation process.

Conversely, residents are also given the opportunity to evaluate the program and faculty in an anonymous fashion through new innovations and yearly program surveys.


Once a year, all residents take the In-Training examination sponsored by the American College of Physicians, a comprehensive written examination in Internal Medicine. This exercise allows our residents to benchmark their knowledge base against their peers throughout the country and to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses in particular aspects of Internal Medicine.

The department also administers weekly quizzes which help reinforce the knowledge gained from the core lecture series. In addition, we have an on-line database of thousands of questions for resident self-assessment exams. We also use the online John’s Hopkins Ambulatory Training Modules and examinations to compliment the in-training examination.


Upon entering the program, each resident is matched with a faculty member as their advisor. They meet formally quarterly each year and informally as needed. It is a chance for the resident to develop a personal relationship with an experienced physician to discuss professional goals and individual issues.

Salary & Benefits

Salary: $57,265
4 weeks vacation

Salary: $61,146
4 weeks vacation

Salary: $64,890
4 weeks vacation

Meal Card Allowance of $350 per month

Other Available Benefits

  • Child care available on site for a fee
  • Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Life Insurance
  • Computer access 24/7
  • Disability in accordance with the law and Board eligibility requirements.
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Family leave
  • Time to attend educational meetings/conferences
  • Life support courses and certification
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Maternity leave
  • Medical leave
  • On-call Living Quarters
  • Parking
  • Tax shelter annuity plan 401K
  • Temporary Disability
  • Uniforms
  • Wellness Program
  • Workers’ Compensation
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